Our Strength




‘Lord support us all the day long of this

 troubled life, Until the shadows lengthen

 and the evening comes and the busy 

world is hushed; until the fever of life is 

o’er And out work is done. Then, Lord, in

 thy mercy, Grant us a safe lodging, holy 

rest, and peace at the last’ 


Shanthigramam – literally "village of peace“ is a haven for aged, destitute persons who once had leprosy. These people continue to suffer due to inadequate attention during the active phase of the disease and are left with permanent deformities. With their visible deformities they become a source of contempt for their own family members. The home grew out of concern for these old, disfigured, rejected leprosy patients by those who understood their deeper need for love and compassion, apart from shelter and care. Shanthigramam is registered under the Societies Act, (Reg. No 104 of 1980) with its own Governing Body and the Director of SIH-R&LC Schieffelin Institute of Health – Research & Leprosy Centre, Karigiri) as its President. The home is administered by the Honorary Secretary .The Executive Committee meets quarterly and reviews the day to day functioning. Support comes through voluntary donations, contributions from the staff of Schieffelin Institute of Health – Research & Leprosy Centre, Karigiri, the hospital near Shanthigramam. 

The concept crystallized and 18 simple cottages were built on a lovely, tree-filled 4.5 acre plot bordering SIH-R&LC Karigiri and the first patients moved in to their new found place of refuge in November 1980. Today it has 20 cottages with bath & toilet attached. The cost of running the home is around 1,00,000/ per month which includes the food , wages for the care team, electricity, medical expenses, transport and miscellaneous expenses.

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We are looking for well wishers who can sponsor each resident.