Leprosy Vaccine

Leprosy Vaccine

Why is a leprosy vaccine needed?

  • This ancient disease is still disabling and isolating people
  • Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with leprosy
  • More than four million people in the world suffer from leprosy-related disabilities
  • An effective vaccine will limit infection, prevent disease and reduce transmission
  • A vaccine is the only way to end this terrible disease

Why now?

  • LepVax is the first leprosy-specific vaccine to go through Phase I clinical trials
  • We believe this vaccine will be an exciting new way to stop the transmission of leprosy and the only way to protect people from the disease long term
  • What’s more, the vaccine may protect against nerve damage, the most serious complication of leprosy
  • The vaccine has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Leprosy Vaccine
Leprosy Vaccine

Why you?

  • This is an historic opportunity to help end an ancient disease
  • With your help, families will never have to hear the devastating news that they have leprosy, nor suffer its debilitating effects
  • You can leave a lasting legacy for millions of people around the world

Progress and next steps

August 2017: Approved by Food and Drug Administration

October 2017: Started Phase Ia clinical trial

November 2017: Interim safety review successfully completed

January-March 2018: Complete injections of second cohort; perform last blood draw; begin one-year follow-up period

June-December 2017: Complete clinical sample processing; analyze data and clinical immunology

January-March 2019: Analyze data and clinical immunology; write clinical study report

August 2019: Completed Phase Ia clinical trial

2019-2021: Two-year Phase Ib clinical trial in Brazil